SafeOver is a Web Content Filtering Software that offers a safe and protected internet experience by blocking inappropriate ,violent, social networking and adult web content from websites for Corporates, Governments, Educational Institutions SME ‘s and End Users.


What is Web Content Filtering?.

  1. Web Content filtering is a way to control what content is permitted to a user.
  2. Only pages and contents matching the allowed categories are displayed.
  3. A classification system for controlled access to web pages.
  4. Provides Web filtering for Computers located inside as well as outside your network firewall.
  5. Define Policy based filtering of web page access within organizations.
  6. Control the user internet Access Activities.
  7. Internet Content filtering software is a widely used option across organizations for this purpose.
  8. Excel Import Export Payroll data.

SafeOver Web Content Filter

Safeover is a Web Content Filtering Software that offers students a safe and protected internet experience by blocking inappropriate violent and adult web content from websites and online game portals.

Intelliob SafeOver web content filtering solution is the only 4th Generation web content filtering solution that provides the most comprehensive and accurate web content filtering in real-time with categorization engine, backend categorization engine, reputation data, and malicious and compromised website analysis..

The system applies over 120 different intelligent identification and analytic techniques, and for the end-user, there is no perceived latency or change in the user experience. Even if the page changes between user requests, SafeOver can keep up and correctly recategorize the content on the fly.

Anonymous proxies are the most popular and easiest way that users will employ to bypass internet filtering. We believe that the technology used in SafeOver is the most effective Internet filtering and categorization technology solution available today because, it does not rely on bloated and outdated database lists of proxy sites, safeover can detect and block an anonymous proxy site as soon as access is attempted - even if it is completely new and has never been identified before.

SafeOver integerates with one of the industries largest and most comprehensive proprietary and professionally maintained master URL categorization databases in the world.

By using real-time web content filtering, SafeOver scans a website for pornography and other mature content and blocks it or warns you about it.

SafeOver Web content filtering can be deployed in a number of different ways, including 100% local, 100% cloud-based, or a hybrid approach where a portion of the technology runs locally while a portion of the technology runs in the cloud. This was intelligently designed to be modular with each module capable of being deployed in differing integration points without any bottlenecks or service degradation.

WCF Web Content Filtering Software is an useful tool to manage controlled internet access across users and computers.

In addition to increase in productivity this solution will also protect users from legal as well as personal problems caused due to improper net use.

•WCF Scans Websites in Real-time.
•No expensive Hardware with maintenance Hassle.
•Simple and easy to set up and maintain using admin control panel.
•Increased bandwidth
•Enforcement of acceptable internet usage policies.

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