Time Attendance Modules

TimeMate Time & Attendance delivers various key benefits to organizational and employee development and productivity.


TimeMate Time office System comes with Intelliob's commitment to continued support.

  1. Cut down on administrative time.
  2. Eliminate human error in employee time office records to save monetarily.
  3. Significantly Increase Employee & Manager Satisfaction.
  4. Monitor & analyze absence to reduce impact on productivity.
  5. Improve Organizational efficiency and growth with employee performance.
  6. Accurate processing and reconciliation of time clock software data with ease.
  7. Access Time Records via intranet or Internet using web browser.
  8. Graphical representation of events, schedules and time calculations.
  9. Interfaced with PayCare or existing Payroll software. 
  10. Contract Time, Fixed Time & Flexi Time Managment Casual and contract workers.


TimeMate Payroll Interface

TimeMate is integrated with Intelliob PayCare Payroll software and can also be seamlessly integrated with your current payroll system, saving you time and eliminating common keystroke mistakes made during data-entry.

Biometric Attendance

It is specially designed keeping in mind the requirements of small office environment and application areas like distributed retail chains or small office across various regions with fewer employee count. Know More.

USB Fingerprint Attendance

With Digital Personal U are U 4500
fingerprint attendance sensors and TimeMate USB edition, you can securely and conveniently record employee check in and check out.

TimeMate Attendance Software

Intelliob TimeMate tracks employees Time and Attendance that provides a daily understanding of time records as reports or for processing by Payroll Processing Software.

As a result, TimeMate cuts down on administrative time, safeguards from time mismanagement errors, and savings in terms of money and man-hours that could have been lost due to mishandled time cards and employees punching in for each other.

TimeMate Box Edition
Don’t want to invest in fancy time recording device with built-in memory or pay for additional cost towards installation, maintenance of these hardware devices. TimeMate Box is best solution for your requirement. Click here to know More

TimeMate with Stand Alone Devices
Whether you are looking for a fingerprint biometric device, swipe cards, proximity or hand punch devices. We have various solutions that can be used to manage employee time management.
Click here to know More.

Online TimeMate Web Time Sheet
TimeMate Web Extension
allows online employees to submit their timesheets online to line managers for approval before they are send for payroll processing. Click here to know More.

Retail Time & Attendance
TimeMate for Retail
can work on a single independent PC at your store or can be used on your local LAN/WAN. It can also be user configure to manage time systems data recorded from various location to be synched to a central Server at HO or vice a versa via Internet. Retail Case Study.

Attendance System Devices
Intelliob biometric time attendance system helps track employee time and attendance in most industry environments and can seamlessly integrate with many hardware devices. Whether you are looking for a fingerprint biometric device, swipe cards, proximity or hand punch devices, we have various solutions that can be used to manage employee time management. Check below Link for list of the hardware attendance systems devices with feature.

• Time & Attendance Hardware Devices
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TimeMate Attendance Tracking:
TimeMate Attendance Tracking
provides you with a practical solution to reduce the processing of employee time sheets and decrease human errors associated with a manual time keeping process. This not only improves personnel efficiency but also results in savings of both time and money.
Time Attendance Savings.

Time Management:

TimeMate is designed and developed to cater to various organizational time management objectives like working time schedules with shift definitions, workdays, holidays. User defined Time & Attendance, events and categories like Arrival, Departure, Sick Leave, Annual Leave and more. It also provides various managerial functions and a report writer tool to generate user defined reports with various permutation and combinations.