Payroll Services India

In the current era of extreme competition in the market place, companies need to stay 'lean and mean',focusing on the core area of their business while outsourcing the critical but resource consuming back office functions.


PayCare Payroll comes with Intelliob's commitment to continued support, thus protecting your investment in PayCare for years to come.

  1. Complete Outsourced Payroll Management.
  2. Time & Labor Management.
  3. Tax & Compliance Services.
  4. Online Payroll Reports
  5. Internet self-service.
  6. Time & Attendance Integeration.
  7. Management Reporting.
  8. Dedicated Internet Support Center. 
  9. Complete Employee footprint.


PayCare Payroll Technology

PayCare Payroll Software has been developed in India using the latest yet proven Microsoft tools like Visual Studio that ensures performance and ease of use. Its architecture is 3-tier that gives PayCare high scalability.

PayCare Payroll Features

Time Attendancefor Payroll

Biometric Fingerprint time and attendance or proximity card based attendance system. Know More.

Employee Payroll and Tax

Complete employee Tax management with e-TDS filing, statutory compliance, Income Statement. Know More.

Accord HRIS Download

Download HRIS Software Demo and Presentation and view Screenshots. Know More


Key Features of  PayCare Payroll Solution

In the current era of extreme competition in the market place, companies need to stay 'lean and mean', focusing on the core area of their business while outsourcing the critical but resource consuming back office functions..

HR Management and Payroll Processing are back office activities that are better outsourced than done in-house.

The more variables involved in an organization's payroll, the more it makes sense to use payroll outsourcing. Payroll service companies can calculate payroll, adhere to the latest tax obligations, print and deliver checks, and provide management reports for a fraction of the Total Cost of Ownership of building and maintaining a large in-house departments.

Payroll Management Services

Our payroll service adapts as your business evolves. Whether your company undergoes internal growth or contraction, merger or other corporate change, our highly scalable processes and technology easily integrate new business units, employees and systems, growing as you grow.

On-site/Off-Site payroll management.
Internet / Intranet payroll solutions.
Online-assisted conversion of existing Payroll data.
Support from our Payroll Experts.
Employee Self Service Portal.

Scalable Payroll Services

TWe offer a wide range of customizable packages of end to end HR & Payroll processing solutions and you can pick and choose services as and when you need them. Our payroll outsourcing service is already equipped with the requisite infrastructure and the technology to manage every kind of processing requirement; small or large, simple or complex. This is where we help your organization work smart, not work hard.

We host HR & Payroll management solution
We manage hardware and software updates
We ensure compliance with the latest laws & rules
We provide timely and meticulous reports and MIS
We provide periodic payroll data back-up
We provide Employee Self Service Portal

We provide Manager Service Portal

You get Peace of Mind.                                           

Organizational Development

The Organizational Development Module assists mangers to record, maintain and manage the internal development of the Organization's resources so that organizational performance is maximized. A critical area of this module is the Performance Management & Appraisals function. This function handles the individual performance management details, which is centered on the staff appraisal process and the development of staff through training interventions. These include the development of programs and project plans to ensure that staffs are aligned to the Organization’s strategic goals, for example, rewards and recognition strategies, education and training interventions, performance management, and the communication of the business imperatives and Organizational programs.