Payroll Integration Support

Out of the box Integration and Interfacing of HR Payroll with existing ERP and Business or Office Automation systems.

Adapters for Posting of Payroll Accounting entries and Employee TAX payments automatically in ERP and third party financial accounting system.

  1. Payroll Data Migration Templates
  2. Excel Import Export Payroll and HR Data
  3. Realtime  HR Payroll Analytics
  4. Online Employee Self Service Portal
  5. Employee Tax Returns and TDS filingOnline
  6. Biometric Time & Attendance Integrations

HR Payroll on Cloud & Payroll Services

Intelliob managed payroll service help in dealing with the complexities of Payroll Processing and payroll tax in India.

We host HR & Payroll management solution
We manage hardware and software updates
We ensure compliance with the latest laws & rules
We provide timely and meticulous reports and MIS
We provide periodic payroll data back-up
We provide Employee Self Service Portal

- You get peace of mind --

PayCare Payroll on Cloud is an alternative cost effective delivery model of payroll services online in India.

The payroll Software and employee self service portal is hosted on our infrasture. The customer's payroll manager has secure online access to the hosted payroll solution for processing and managing of organizations payroll. Employees have access to the self serviec portal. (ESS)
Accord e HR is available to Organization in SaaS on cloud with high level of data protection and a consistent uptime.

In the current era of extreme competition in the marketplace, more and more companies are looking at alternate model for their internal technology and business solutions requirements. Enterprise Software Solutions delivery on Cloud is one of the alternate model.